• Desalination Market in India 2020 – May 2020

Rapid population growth, combined with declining freshwater water resources in the country, is expected to drive the adoption of desalination technologies. Industries such as thermal power plants and oil refineries are setting up large-scale desalination plants to meet their water requirements efficiently. At least 350 mld of desalination capacity is being set up for industrial use. On the municipal front, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have witnessed a tremendous increase in desalination demand. Another 800 mld of desalination capacity will be added in these two states alone in the next three to four years. Private players in the desalination market have increased in the last one decade or so. Advanced technologies and equipment are also being deployed to reduce the high energy costs associated with desalination. Over the next three to four years, at least Rs 135 billion will be required to set up the planned desalination projects, thus presenting significant opportunities to key stakeholders.

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Desalination Market in India 2020 – May 2020

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