• European Equipment Analysis: Dump Trucks - France

This report concerns the market for articulated and rigid dump trucks in France, and is an update of the European Service report last published in June 2014. They are generally known in French as dumpers, although the official term, created to avoid the use of English, is tombereaux automoteurs. The analysis and information contained within the report covers the market for both rigid and articulated dump trucks, as the applications and end-end user requirements for each product differ widely. The on-off highway truck, or camion, which has a smaller payload, different braking and a less robust transmission, is not covered in this study.

Articulated dump trucks with an overall width of less than 2.5 metres are permitted to run on French roads, but obtaining the necessary permit is difficult. Most machines do not, therefore, run on public roads, but are used on poorer quality off-highway haul roads. Off-highway trucks with rigid frames are not made to run on highways, being too wide and too heavy.

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European Equipment Analysis: Dump Trucks - France

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