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This report concerns the market for rigid and articulated dump trucks in the United Kingdom. Off-highway dump trucks with rigid frames are not legal for use on the highway because of their axle weights and dimensions. On-off highway trucks have a smaller payload, different braking and suspension system and are not covered in this study, although they are an attractive alternative to smaller off-highway trucks because of their much lower purchase price.

Articulated dump trucks with a body width of less than 2.5 metres are permitted to run on the highway, but traffic regulations often make this impractical. Most articulated dump trucks are designated as being works trucks, which allows them to be exempt from classification for a Heavy Goods Vehicle Licence and full Customs and Excise duties on diesel. The works truck allowance limits articulated dump trucks to travel a maximum of 1,000 yards on the public highway.

Machines in this report are classified by their payload in metric tonnes. The articulated dump truck is of European design and build, and consequently has always been rated in metric tonnes. The rigid dump truck is different in that the concept is of American origin, so consequently the capacity of such machines was originally designated in US, or short tons. However, most suppliers in Europe now indicate the metric equivalent on their brochures, although customers still often refer to capacity in short tons.

For many years the dump truck market was considered to begin at 16 tonnes’ capacity, but the introduction of locally made and imported machines of 10-12 tonnes has created a market for these smaller units. Machines known as dumpers, or site dumpers, and which have a capacity up to 9 tonnes, are an entirely different type of machine and are not included in this report.

The findings in this report are based on information collected during an interview programme carried out during June and July 2017, which included discussions with the country’s leading manufacturers, importers and end-users, and is an update of the report last published by Off‑Highway Research in October 2014.

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European Equipment Analysis: Dump Trucks - UK

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