• A Special Report: The Impact of Brexit on the UK construction equipment industry


  • Understand and plan for Brexit's impact on equipment demand in the UK
  • How will tariffs and new customs formalities affect you
  • Understand the origin of equipment sold in the UK
  • Benefit from a rigorous UK market and foreign trade analysis
  • Plan based on five-year forecasts which incorporate the impacts of Brexit
  • Understand the implications of new tarriffs and customs arrangements post-Brexit


The UK’s departure from the EU will impact on many aspects of the construction equipment industry, potentially including tariffs, new import/ export arrangements, increased bureaucracy, regulatory divergence and price volatility. This report, which is a significant update on our October 2016 study, will examine the potential impact of these issues on the import and export of equipment and the market in the UK. It is written in co-operation with Harman Customs, at UK-based customs consultancy. Contents will include:


  • Market size and structure
  • Historic sales and market shares by equipment type
  • Analysis of foreign trade, covering:
  • The impact of Brexit to date
  • Potential challenges following the transition period
  • Five-year market forecast by equipment type


As a result of leaving the EU, the UK’s trading relationships with many countries around the world will be reset, particularly the remaining 27 members of the EU. While the nature of those changes and the new trading relationships are yet to be established, there are a number of key issues and impacts which the report will address by modeling different scenarios with respect to:

  • Impact on the UK economy and demand for construction equipment
  • Impact on equipment demand from the UK's departure from the Common Agricultural Policy
  • Potential changes in tariffs
  • Changes in customs arrangements
  • What does Brexit mean for equipment production in the UK?

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A Special Report: The Impact of Brexit on the UK construction equipment industry

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