• A Special Report: Global Mobile Crane Fleets

This Special Report contains over a decade’s worth of data from International Cranes and Specialized Transport (ICST) magazine’s annual IC50 ranking of the world’s largest crane-owning companies. The report combines the data gathered by ICST in compiling the league table over almost 20 years, with the global equipment market data gathered by Off-Highway Research.

The two datasets provide insights into different aspects of the intertwined global crane production and rental industries, while analysis of the two side-by-side illustrates the interconnections and disconnects between the two sectors.

As well as allowing the analysis of trends in the global crane rental industry over the years, the wealth of data also provides the opportunity to look at individual benchmark companies and see how they have navigated the choppy economic waters that have characterised the last decade, and compare this to their competitors’ performance.


Published by KHL Group, the owner of Off-Highway Research, International Cranes and Specialized Transport is the world’s leading cranes and transport magazine. ICST provides the most accurate and up-to-date news, product information and business news for the global industry through its magazines, e-Newsletter, website and social media streams - information in formats requested by readers.


Established in 1995, the IC50 is ICST’s annual league table of the world’s largest crane-owning companies. This is measured in terms of the IC Index, which is the total maximum load moment rating in tonne-metres of all the cranes in each company’s fleet. This measure is chosen over the more straightforward lift capacity of cranes, because it is felt it provides a more realistic measure of lifting capabilities, particularly when it comes to crawler cranes.

All companies in the list, plus other prospective ones, have the opportunity to supply fleet information and the other requested data for inclusion in the ranking. Where companies supply full data, the figure used is the one calculated by them.

In some cases, where no data is submitted, or is incomplete, ICST enters its own estimate in the league table ranking. In cases of insolvency, acquisition or lack of sufficiently recent information, companies are withdrawn from the table.

While ICST takes great effort to ensure the accuracy of information provided, it cannot be guaranteed and ICST accepts no liability for inaccuracies or omissions.


Off-Highway Research is a management consultancy specialising in the research and analysis of international construction and agricultural equipment markets, and is the largest of its kind in the world. The consultancy was formed in 1981 as part of The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and is part of KHL Group, the publisher of ICST.

Off-Highway Research offers a unique level of international research expertise to the construction, earthmoving, mining, industrial and agricultural equipment industries. This specialist capability, offered by offices in the UK, Germany, China, India, the USA, and Japan is available through a combination of subscription services and private client research. The company is staffed by industry specialists with a wide range of industry, language, and consultancy skills, and is supported by a unique database of information.

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A Special Report: Global Mobile Crane Fleets

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