• Chinese Company Profile: Lovol November 2022

This is the first profile on Lovol Construction Machinery Group (Lovol CM), accompany that used to be part of Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co. Ltd (Lovol HI).


Starting from a small factory producing combine harvesters in Weifang City in Shandong Province, Lovol HI has evolved into a leading supplier of agricultural machines and a major participant in the construction equipment industry. After Weichai Holding Group (WHG) took control of Lovol HI either directly or through Weichai Power, the company was renamed Weichai Lovol Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. Shortly afterwards, its construction equipment business was taken out and put into Lovol CM.


This reports focuses on the construction equipment operations of Lovol CM, which has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of WHG after the above mentioned acquisition and restructuring. 

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Chinese Company Profile: Lovol November 2022

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