• Indian Equipment Analysis: Wheeled Loaders

This report concerns the Indian market for wheeled loaders and is an update of the subject last analysed by Off-Highway Research in June 2021. It presents an assessment of the prevailing business environment, changing market trends, the operations of the main suppliers in the country, and a market forecast for the next five years.

This study includes only purpose-built, 4-wheel drive wheeled loaders powered by diesel engines. Backhoe loaders and skid-steer loaders, and their derivatives, are excluded from this analysis. In addition, there is some demand for small machines derived from agricultural tractors, locally referred to as front-end loaders. However, these are not to be confused with purpose-built wheeled loaders and are not considered in this report.

In this report, all machines are classified by their engine output, so that similarly powered wheeled loaders can be compared, although it is quite common for customers to request a machine by bucket capacity. However, to compare machines only by bucket capacity might lead to confusion, because it is normal for a wheeled loader to be sold with different sizes of buckets depending on the application for which the machine is to be used.

The data in this report is based on Off-Highway Research’s own database, and research carried out in India during February and March 2023 through an interview programme which included all major manufacturers and distributors.

Indian Equipment Analysis: Wheeled Loaders

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