• European Country Analysis: Czech Republic

This report examines the construction equipment industry in the Czech Republic and is the first study on the country published by Off-Highway Research since 2006.

The aim of this report is to present a concise overview of the development of the various construction equipment sectors in the Czech Republic over the past five years, assess the major changes that have taken place in that time, and explain their current structure. It will also describe the developments that are likely to occur by the year 2027.

The market for new construction equipment has undergone consistent growth during the period under review with sales reaching historically high levels in 2021/2022. Demand has faltered during the first half of 2023, however, in response to continuing uncertainty surrounding events in Ukraine, high energy costs, soaring inflation and spiralling leasing costs. As a result, the industry remains distinctly cautious about predicting developments in the short term at least.

The long-term outlook for the market nevertheless remains positive since the level of planned infrastructure and associated construction work remains considerable. Whilst the potential for a sustained recovery in the market for new construction equipment is considered high, there is a degree of uncertainty amongst suppliers interviewed by Off-Highway Research regarding the timing. Inevitably much will depend on developments in Ukraine and, equally significantly, on the Czech government’s commitment to instigate the investment required for planned infrastructure projects.

Following an initial period of desk research and discussions with the world’s leading construction equipment manufacturers, Off-Highway Research undertook an in-depth field research programme in the Czech Republic in March and April 2023, covering all the major importers of construction equipment as well as local manufacturers. Off-Highway Research would like to record its deep appreciation to all those who assisted in the compilation of this report.

European Country Analysis: Czech Republic

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